Last update: Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 10:08 AM.
Content types in River2 podcatcher
  • You can control the types that are downloaded by the River2 podcatcher.
  • Enter a comma-separated list of types into the Podcatcher prefs page in the OPML Editor prefs system.
  • Each item in the list can be a full content type specifier, something like audio/mpeg or video/quicktime. You can also specify a partial string, so if you say just audio -- that will match all content types that contain the word audio. That gives you a lot of power without introducing a lot of complexity.
  • A common setting: audio,video downloads all audio and video files.
  • If you don't care and want to download everything, just set this value to all or the empty string.
  • Because this feature writes files to the server disk, it's something that is configured by the person who manages the server.